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Here is how to make a donation in honor or memory of a loved one:

1. Visit https://www.water.cc/donate

2. At the end of the donation template, select from the drop down to give your gift in honor or in memory of a loved one.

3. For in honor of gifts, you may select for the recipient to receive an email OR a hand-written card from Living Water. Note if an email address is entered, the system will automatically send an email. If you’d only like a card, please leave email blank and provide recipient name with physical address information.

4. For in memory of gifts, a handwritten card will be sent by Living Water. Please provide your name, the in memory of name, and a recipient name and physical address that you would like the card to go to.


For questions about in honor or in memory gifts, please call us at 281.207.7800 or toll free at 877.594.4426.

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How do I order gift cards?

Here's a super-easy, three-step process with three card types to choose from. Visit  http://www.water.cc/giftcards and place an order through the online store


Step 1: Select the gift occasion

Step 2: Select the type of card—Plastic (Physical), Paper (Print and Fold) or Electronic 

Step 3: Customize by choosing a card design and inputting the information in the applicable fields and proceed to checkout. 

If you choose a Plastic (Physical) card, select the card amount, enter the quantity of cards you want, and add to cart. 

If you choose to Paper (Print-and-Fold), select a design, type the recipient's name, write an accompanying personalized message, and add to cart. 

If you choose an Electronic card, select a design, type the recipient's name and email address, and write an accompanying personalized message and add to cart. 


Alternatively, feel free to call 281.207.7800 and place an order with our friendly staff. 

How do I make a bulk order?

The easiest way to make bulk orders is through the online store. On the cart page there is a quantities box that will allow you to set quantities for each card denomination. Once ordered these cards will be packaged appropriately and shipped to a single address.

My church wants to sell gift cards in their coffee shop—how should they do that? 

Please contact Living Water headquarters and we will connect you with a representative in your area. Simply call 281-207-7800 or toll free at 877-594-4426.

When will I get my cards?

Orders are processed within 1-3 business day and typically shipped by USPS.

Can I pick up cards in person?

Yes! Please contact 281.207.7800 or toll free at 877.594.4426 to arrange an in-person pick-up at our Stafford office.

Can you ship gift cards to my friends and family? 

Physical Gift Card orders are shipped in a single package to the shipping address listed on the order. If you would like Living Water to send the gift card to the recipient, please submit the recipient's address as the shipping address. Note, if you are planning to purchase several cards, we will only ship to one address per order, so please submit a different order for each recipient.

What happens when I buy an electronic card?

Each Electronic Gift Card purchased asks for a From Name, From Email, To Name and To Email. Upon purchase, the From Email is sent a receipt while the To Email is the electronic gift card. The receipt is your confirmation as a Living Water donor and your proof of gift card purchase.

The recipient of the Electronic Gift Card will receive an email with a link that will autofill the card number at water.cc/redeem. 


How long does it take to deliver electronic cards? 

Electronic cards are delivered instantly. If you have not received your cards within the hour you ordered them, check your trash and junk mail folders.

I haven't received a confirmation and/or my friends/family never received the gift card—what should I do?
Please have the recipient check their trash and junk mail folders in case the Electronic Gift Card was improperly sorted by the email client. If the recipient still does not see the card, please contact us at 281.207.7800 or toll free at 877.594.4426 for assistance.


What if I don't want to send an electronic gift card right now?

We recommend sending the card to yourself. Simply enter your name and email into the FROM and TO fields. When you receive the cards you can either print them out or forward them to the recipient at your convenience.


How do I print a printable (physical) gift card? 

Printable (physical) gift cards are delivered via email. Users can simply print the email within their email application.


Can I get a refund? 

As the purchase of a gift card is a donation to Living Water, we do not provide refunds.


How do you redeem the card? 

Physical gift cards can be redeemed at http://water.cc/redeem. In order to redeem your card, please complete the following easy steps!

1. Find the Redeem Your Card Now! section at the middle of the page. Type in your preferred email address, your birthdate, and the card number found on the back of the card and click SUBMIT. 

2. You will see the card balance in a box on the right side of the page. The section below the card balance displays the countries where Living Water works for redemption. 

3. Choose the country you wish to support with your entire gift card by selecting the redeem now button under the country name. 

4. Each project includes a balanced raised so far and a LEARN MORE link to see videos and summary of our work in the county.


Does it matter what email address I use to redeem my card?  

No, as long as the address is valid, it doesn't matter what email address you use to redeem your card. Rest assured your personal information is safe with us; we will never sell, rent or share your email address. We would like to send you periodic updates on our work. If you choose not to receive updates you can unsubscribe at any time. 


What does the error code 401 mean? 

A 401 error means that the card number you entered is invalid. Either the card has already been redeemed or the number was input incorrectly. If you receive the error multiple times, please email giftcards@water.cc or call us at 281.207.7800 or toll free at 877.594.4426 for assistance.


Why spend all this money on gift cards? Wouldn't you rather people just make a donation? 

The cost of printing and shipping the cards represents only a very small percentage of the total card value. In addition, giving a gift card to someone you know invites them into the cause and the story that you, the giver, are already involved in. We find that most gift card redeemers become regular supporters, leading to more people get clean water in Jesus’ name.


What if my friends and family don't redeem the card? 

If gift cards are not redeemed, the funds will go to support our work "where most needed". Rest assured the money will not just "sit there" but instead will go to water projects and programs that need funding.

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Please contact us at 281.207.7800 for assistance with making a stock donation.

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My email address gets an "already registered" message when I try to sign up—what should I do?

This most likely means that you already have an account with Living Water. Try to use the "Forgot Password" link to retrieve your password and login into your account. If you are still experiencing an issue, please call 281.207.7800 for assistance.

Can I change the name on my Campaign or Profile page?

Yes, of course! Select the "Edit Profile" Button below your Profile picture and make the change. Be sure to hit save. 

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How did Living Water start?

We get asked all the time Living Water got started and it's a great a story.

To read more about it click here. http://www.water.cc/aboutlivingwater

What is the Water Crisis?

At least 663 million people lack access to safe clean drinking water and are suffering from preventable water related illnesses. To learn more about the scale and scope of the water crisis, please see http://www.water.cc/whywater

How do you share the gospel? 

Living Water teams have historically utilized a variety of tools and approaches to proclaiming the gospel and working with local churches. Well dedication services, JESUS Film showings, Bible distribution, and collaboration with church planting organizations have been key. More recently, oral disciple making has become a critical tool, given the fact that an estimated 70% of people in areas served by Living Water are primarily oral learners. For more information visit http://www.water.cc/orality

Why do you incorporate Jesus with your mission? Why is it all about Jesus? 

Since its very beginning, Living Water’s mission has been focused on the Integral Mission to which Jesus calls us. The organization’s founders believed that proclaiming the gospel—calling people to love and repentance in all areas of life—leads to physical transformation and healthy communities, and demonstrating the gospel by caring for people’s physical needs has evangelistic consequences as we bear witness to the transforming grace of Jesus Christ.